Program Options

The program I teach via my time coaching company, TimewisePDX, is based on Seeing My Time®  by Marydee Sklar.  The end goal is to gain a better understanding of issues surrounding executive functioning (a set of skills that help us get things done) while practicing practical tools to address them. I offer both 1-on-1 and group sessions, depending on your needs, preference and budget.

The topics covered vary based on your needs and interests. A few examples include:

  • Prioritization
  • Understanding and managing procrastination
  • Keeping track of to do items
  • Tools for planning time
  • Paper/e-management strategies
  • The power of week planning
  • Effective to do lists and prioritization
  • Tackling procrastination
  • Email productivity features
  •  Introduction to Trello

Before starting any sessions, I first discuss whether this program is right for you in person or via phone and, if so, which option would be best for you. For group workshops, all participants are asked to fill out pre-workshop surveys. I want to ensure I am meeting the needs of all my clients.


TimewisePDX packages

My basic packages are below and customized services are available.  Discounts are also available to partipants of community workshops or anyone of limited financial means. If you would like to discuss how I can help, please contact me to set up your complimentary consultation!

Becoming Time-Wise community workshop series

Description: 1- or 2-hour workshops that introduce the concept of executive function in the context of neurobiology and include mini-workshops covering 2-3 of the topics above.  They are held at different Portland locations and the topics rotate every 1-2 months. The workshops can be taken in series or individually.

Suitable for: Anyone wanting to learn some high-yield tips to address their relationships with time and space in a social setting. They may also be curious about individual coaching.

Cost: $30 online or at the door. Check here for the latest workshop schedule.


Single coaching session

Description: We devote one hour-long session to 1-2 of the above topics or any other particularly challenging area you would like to work through.

Suitable for: Anyone wanting support in a limited area or considering coaching. They may have also had coaching before and want further support in a specific area.

Cost: $110 per 1-hour session


3-session coaching package

Description: Three 1-hour sessions focused on multiple aspects of time management and personal organization. Multiple sessions allow for time to practice particular strategies in real time and for troublehsooting.

Suitable for: Clients looking for support in a few areas and wanting the additional benefit of accountability that multiple coaching sessions provide. They may be  considering the Seeing My Time® course.

Cost: $250 for all three 1-hour sessions


Seeing My Time® course


Description: An intensive program including 9 hours of course material and a free 1-hour maintenance session. The course is conducted via the Seeing My Time workbook. It starts with an overview of brain function in regards to time management and organization and introduces several tools to support executive functioning. Clients reflect on their goals as well as experiences implementing these tools between sessions.

Suitable for: If you are ready to make a life change and tackle your time and organization challenges in a structured environment with personalized support, this program is for you!

Cost: $750 for the course and all materials

Customized options

Description: Any of the Seeing My Time or digital organization tools can be incorporated into a variety of configurations, from worksite employee training to private group events and home parties.

Suitable for: Community or corporate groups, families or groups of friends wanting a custom program that suits their specific needs.

Cost: Variable; please contact me for a consultation.