My Story


I am a physician who began my training in Family Medicine. The hectic schedule of residency left me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, leading me to seek the help I always knew I needed to manage my time and organization challenges. I met the creator of the Seeing My Time® program, Marydee Sklar B.A. Ed, a learning specialist, author, and expert in time management and executive functioning. She had helped so many people from a variety of backgrounds improve their relationships with time, in turn creating the space necessary to focus on learning, their careers and personal aspirations.

After completing Marydee’s Seeing My Time program, I was thrilled to see some of the strategies we talked about starting to stick. I felt a sense of control again.  I finally understood what led to my time and organization issues and how I could use my strengths and other tools to avoid getting off track.  When I began to recognize some of the same struggles in a few of my patients, I also started to offer them some of the strategies I learned, with notable and humbling results.

I have since begun a transition away from my original medical specialty and am no longer seeing patients. However, the strong impact the Seeing My Time program made on my outlook on life prompted me to accept Marydee’s offer to become an instructor. I am honored to now be teaching this program while sharing my own experiences and helping others with similar time struggles.

Due to the varying degrees of stress and discontentment revolving around time I recognize in my colleagues, friends and clients alike, I offer this program in a variety of settings – from group workshops to multi-week individual sessions.  Group workshops may be effective for employers wanting to provide the space to work on efficiency and organization skills, potentially leading to a more satisfying workplace and better work/home balance.  Couples or families looking for concrete ways to address these issues while strengthening their relationships would also be excellent candidates for small-group sessions. The people who benefit the most from individual sessions are those who are tired of their long-term time and organization struggles and motivated to take back control, lower their stress level and work towards a more fulfilling life.

If any of these sound like you (or anyone else you know), I’d love to work with you!